View From Outer Space

NASA achieved a great feat this past week when they landed on Mars.  This Red Planet is right next to Earth, but we haven’t been able to see it close up until now.  Our view of this planet has been a far away picture of a red orb that looks somewhat plain, but definitely mysterious.

When you view objects from a distance, does your perception change when you view them close up?  About two years ago, my office went through a remodel.  The flooring, wall colors and furniture were updated, and through this process I moved offices.  My new space provided me with access to a much needed storage closet.  I was looking through some photo files recently, and came across some “before” shots of the office.  I was shocked to see the view of my old office up close and personal.

Now, I am a pile maker.  I organize, sort, and label my possessions and necessary items so I can access them easily.  The same speaks true to my office environment.  My old office had a great view from the outside, but when I looked at those close up pictures, I saw the boxes and stacks of materials that were lined up along a side wall in my office.  It was not a pretty sight, and made my colleagues cringe when they walked in the door.  At that time, there was no other place to store these items, so I tried to make this hodgepodge of necessary items look as presentable as possible.

With my newly appointed storage closet, I am able to keep my office neat and clutter free.  It has a calming effect on not only me, but also for those who enter.  When you take a view of your space from far away (or maybe even outer space) what does it look like?  Does the view change when you get in close?

If you want people to feel comfortable entering your space, then your “view from outer space” needs to be approachable.  If you want them to stay awhile, an up close view and refresher would be in your best interest.

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