New Year, YES You!

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The new year is here, and the time to say YES! to the things you want to do is now.  I know you have been kicking around those ideas, inspirations and “if only I could…” thoughts for months now, and are waiting for the perfect time to get started.  Here is a little secret…NOW is the best time to get started.  Not tomorrow, not yesterday, right now.

Let’s back up a minute.  I am the perpetual planner.  I like to be able to know all of the outcomes, paths to take, and especially how much investment of my time, finances and abilities some new venture is going to cost me.  I like to analyze the heck out of any new idea to first determine if I have the chops to see it through.  What I am mostly testing myself for is if I have the drive and ambition to get started, and not necessarily be successful at it.  If I am ok with the outcome (whether it be pass or fail) will I pull the trigger and get started?

So I ask you this: what big hairy goal are you on the verge of starting right now?  Is it looking for a new job, losing weight, a physical fitness goal, booking a vacation?  The list is long for all of us.  What is that one thing that is on your mind everyday that keeps you thinking of ways to bring it to the forefront?

How to say YES!

  1. Ask questions – a lot of questions.  What I have realized is that there are a lot of resources out there to help you – for free!  I just listened to a free webinar today that walked me through how to guest post for additional PR for my podcast, blog, and social media sites.  Free information is available – everywhere you look!
  2. Determine what will be your first step.  Your first step can be as simple as going online to determine what gym memberships are available in your area (if your goal is to get into a fitness routine).  Each step builds momentum, and each question you ask leads to another.  Make it as simple as possible.  Baby step it out.
  3. Speak your truth.  As you get moving taking those first steps, your goal will become more and more real to you.  Talk about it.  Share it with your family, friends and colleagues.  The more you get into the “how to” of your goal, the more you will know how passionate you are about it.  If you believe you can do something (however hard it is) it will be your truth to whomever you share it with.
  4. Stick with it for at least 30 days.  You are in the process of creating new habits, and good ones I hope!  Keep putting one foot in front of another for at least the first month to get in a pattern of seeking more, learning more and seeing results.  It will get easier.
  5. Level Up.  After the first 30 days, I bet you have all but mastered a new skill set.  Even if it is just one.  For those fitness goal enthusiasts, it may be that you have committed to working out for 30 minutes each day (and by the way – this is my #1 goal right now).  If you have accomplished this goal for 30 days straight, then it is time to take on another goal and level up.  You are building upon your momentum, and creating good habits in your life will open the door to create more.


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