Showing Up

I miss the old etiquette of responding to an RSVP request on an invitation whether you were going to attend or send your regrets.  Do wedding invitations garner a more significant response than a friendly lunch-date email?  Do we think that invitations were sent to the masses, and no one will even notice our non-reply?

Bill Gates Sr. (not the Microsoft guy, but his supportive Dad) wrote a book about just this topic.  In “Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime” Gates values the effort one takes to simply just “show up” to a meeting, a party, a commitment that you might not necessarily find interesting.  By doing so you might consider: what value do you provide to others by your mere presence?

EraseCreateRenew is about showing up.  Showing up every day: in your life, with the people you love, and showing up to take that next step wherever it leads you.  Erase your former preconceptions about whether or not this adventure (and let’s be frank here – sometimes a run of the mill meeting can turn into an adventure) is worth your time.  Open up your mind, and perhaps just the next 15 minutes, to take a look.