30 Days To Financial Freedom: Week Day Habits Equal Financial Success

As a working professional, I eat lunch away from home during the week. Part of my work responsibilities include networking and business meetings during the day, which tend to occur during a morning coffee or at lunch. Because of my variable work week schedule, I don’t always plan for my lunches on the days that I don’t have a meeting. When I don’t have a plan, I tend to visit a local sandwich shop and spend anywhere from $5-$10.

That small amount, if spent even 2-3 days per week, adds up fast. As part of this challenge, I am going to make a new habit for myself and bring my lunch to work on the days I don’t have work meetings. This past weekend during my weekly grocery shopping trip, I picked up some canned soup, frozen meals, and snacks to keep at the office. The average amount I spent on each meal was $2.50 (which is half of what I would spend on the low end on lunch out for myself).

My quest for creating new financially healthy habits is off to a great start. I’d love to hear your ideas for how you make small changes to your weekly habits to create financial savings.

30 Days to Financial Freedom

I am embarking on a personal challenge during the month of April that will hopefully create new habits to enhance my finances. My goal is to share with you my trials and tribulations on the areas of my life that I am looking to get a better handle on to improve my financial life.

To give you a little idea of who I am: I’m a working mom of two, married, and in my late 30’s. I am a homeowner (with a mortgage), college graduate, and have both an auto loan and credit card debt. I juggle car pools, extracurricular activities, meal time and more to make sure everything gets taken care of for my family. My time is precious, and so is my money.

Look for my daily posts on the Credit Union’s Facebook page. I encourage you to share your thoughts, stories and how you make it work in today’s busy world.

Here’s to your financial freedom!