Close to You

This weekend, I was repainting the front entryway inside of our house.  To keep our almost one year old puppy from joining in on the fun, I threw up some old baby gates.  The space I was in was small, but the entire time I was painting, the pup was begging to get through the gate and get close to me  – a mere foot or two away.  Our pup is a Boxer, and they say with this breed that they love to be near you all the time.  In fact, whenever I am at the kitchen sink, sitting on the couch, trying to get through or out a door, he is at my feet.

His need to be close got me to thinking.  How do the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis effect you?  I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of people.  I can honestly say, that they motivate, challenge and inspire me on a regular basis, and there has never been a day I didn’t enjoy going to work.  I have been with my current company almost seven years, and when I was offered the job, I hesitated before accepting because I was afraid of not having the positive work environment that I had grown used to.

The dynamics of your colleagues, friends, clients or anyone you see on a regular basis play into your attitude and overall success.  If you work in an environment that is aesthetically dull, but the people are supportive and encouraging, then you are in a good place.  You could also work in the most amazing office space money can buy, but have a demeaning staff, and you may have a hard time maintaining your positiveness.  If this is the case, seek out others to be close to that bring you positive interactions, and constructive feedback regularly.