Make it Happen

Excuses are just words.  Here I’ll give you some: no time, no money, no resources, I can’t, I don’t know how.  Sound familiar?

 Not being what I consider computer tech-savvy, I occasionally come across obstacles that prevent me from accessing and producing things and ideas online or through the computer. This experience is not only frustrating, but also creates a level of brain power exhaustion that puts me into the excuse trap.  The brick wall goes up.

To get out of this trap, I pull back and start talking.  I share my brick wall experience with others, whether they are in the area of my needed expertise or not.  I am always amazed at what pops up.  People know people who know people.  Brilliant!  The solution may not always be exactly in the form you were wanting, but there exists the help you need.

Loral Langemeier, CEO/Founder of Live Out Loud , talks about the value of surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  “Seek out people who are developing the same skills as you are or aiming for the same goals. Share ideas and ambitions” says Langemeier.  She goes onto say “(s)uccess is impossible to achieve alone. Behind every major success story is a brilliant team of people.”

Use the power of your connections to make it happen.  No one expects you to do all of the work for every project every time.  You may have skills that are good in a variety of areas, but what skills would you consider yourself an expert? Focus on what you do the best, and reach out to other experts to make your good become best.