Golf is Not Just a Man’s Game

A sneak peek to Golfing In Heels…

My Dad golfs.  So do my brother, husband, boss, and most of the men I know.  If you ask a guy why they golf, most will answer (other than the obvious: it’s a sport, and I am a guy, so of course I like it) that it’s relaxing, fun and an enjoyable activity to do with friends.  I think men are onto something here.  How many women do you know participate regularly in activities that are relaxing, fun and enjoyable to do with friends?  None come to the top of my mind.

What activity do you know of that takes the better part of a day, is encouraged by your employer, may lead to new opportunities, provides socialization, is conducted in (mostly) beautiful weather, and is exercise?  I don’t think a trip to the mall qualifies, unless you are a professional shopper.  Ladies, we need to take advantage of an activity that our male counterparts have known about for years.

Men have dominated the sports profession since the beginning of time.  If your weekends look anything like mine, then you are notified of the seasons changing not by the weather, but by what sport is playing on television.  From the crowd roaring football games, to the buzzing of race cars zooming around the track, they merge right into each other.  I do know a few ladies who enjoy a good sporting event, but don’t plan their work, travel and leisure schedules around them.

Why Women Should Get Into the Game

We hurry everywhere.  We hurry to get the kids off to school, we hurry to work, and we hurry home to make dinner.  When you do find that unexpected moment of calm, do you know what to do with yourself?  Do you ever plan for some down time?