Feel the Power

Do you feel powerful?

 Tony Robbins shared a thoughtful message during his Learning to Live Fearlessly presentation on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  He stated that “fear and courage are physical.”  He went on to explain how our body gives us signals when we experience fear and when we experience courage.  By taking this physical response and channeling it to your advantage, he infers that you can “create a physical action that makes you feel powerful.”

Athletes are masterful at using physical responses to relay their power on a regular basis.  Tiger Woods displays the powerful act of pumping his fist during many title golf championships.  We see NFL players do their victory dances in the end zones, track stars hold up their hands, and baseball players throw their hats in the air.  What elation they must be feeling at that moment!

To create this power in your own life, first think of what kind of environment helps bring about power.  Visualize what you are doing when the power is turned on.  Are you standing up?  Are you walking, running, driving? Do you have a smile on your face?  Are you alone?  Are you surrounded by friends, colleagues, family?

What about music?  Is there a song that gives you that boost of energy?  If you have ever seen the movie Jerry McGuire, then you might remember Tom Cruise’s character singing the song “Free Falling” by Tom Petty at the top of his lungs as he was driving away from a new client’s house.  This scene was put together to create a feeling of power after the main character was struggling to build his new firm.

I attended a minor league baseball game a few years ago for a company function.  I noticed that every time a player came up to bat, a certain song would play as he was walking to the plate.  I asked around and discovered that each player had his own “power song” to get them mentally geared up to hit the ball.  My colleagues and I discussed what would be our song, if we were up to bat.  The responses ranged anywhere from heavy metal to classical.  The ability to solicit power exists in all of us.  Turn it on.

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