The Parking Fairy

I was on my way to a networking luncheon this week, and gave myself a few extra minutes to find a parking space.  With the lunch meeting location being in a popular downtown area, I assumed that my search for a good spot would take some time and possibly a good walk.  Earlier that day, I had some unexpected down time, which came as quite a refresher.  My mind was clear, my attitude up, and I was resolved that today was going to be a good one.

To my surprise, as I was coming down the street to the restaurant, a spot opened up right in front.  When I walked into the meeting (a good 10 minutes early) I was met by another early bird – my life and executive coach, Jay Pryor.  I told Jay my wonderful fortune of finding this prime parking spot.  He said “ahhh, you used the parking fairy.”  Parking what? Jay explained that every time he heads to a meeting, he puts a thought out into the universe to something he refers to as the “Parking Fairy.”  By setting his positive thinking in motion, and describing his desires (a good parking spot) he is usually rewarded by a prime location.

You may be thinking how you try to think positively a lot of time time, and regrettably haven’t seen much results.  The power of positive thinking is a long standing theory developed by a number of experts to internalize your power.  I tested this concept after my “Parking Fairy” experience, and this is what I found.  The times when I forced the positive action, the outcome I desired didn’t come.  I may have been in a good mood, and the positive thoughts were genuine, but I was in a rush and not giving my full attention to the positive action.  When I took a minute, and (this minute could occur in the car on the way to the meeting) to clear my mind and focus on what I wanted, the effort resulted in a positive way.  Try this out for yourself, with the Parking Fairy or another element, and see what happens.

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