Blind Date for Business

I had the pleasure to attend a presentation given by the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC ) this past week.  The purpose of their presentation was to give the business community an update on the economic development progress being made in our region, and what opportunities that would bring to our communities.  In addition to sharing the potential job creation, tax and payroll revenue and industry expertise that is considering a move to our area, the KCADC also provided some insight on the projects that are in the pipeline.

What has amazed me for years about the economic development side of business, is that many organizations choose to remain anonymous.  The details they provide recruiters are minimal, and sometimes even the names of the individuals representing the prospective businesses are not given.  If you were in this position (as a recruiter) how would you proceed?

Many times, we face these realities on a daily basis – even if we think we know everything about our prospect.  The assumptions we make are based on research, current connections, or what the businesses or contact has already revealed to us.  Tim Cowden, Senior Vice President of Business Development for the KCADC, shared how his work with organizations across the globe communicate their needs on various levels.  This makes his work quite interesting.  How would you present yourself if your knowledge was limited?  Would you act / present / talk differently than you would if you had the inside scoop?  Would you hold back anything?

Too frequently we make assumptions about prospective clients, friends and potential mates that cause us to have to regroup when we don’t get the response we desire – and that regrouping many times takes place on the fly.  Sometimes, these assumptions are spot on, and we guide our prospect to consider and appreciate our suggestions.  What if every time you had a meeting, you prepared for it as if it was a blind date?  Take into consideration what you do know, and wow them with the rest.  Even if a businesses has been around your area for a while, but the relationship you desire with them is new, step it up and show them that “first date” experience.

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