Time to Rotate the Tires

I have a little sticker in the top corner of my windshield that reminds me of when to get my car’s oil changed, and when to rotate the tires.  If that sticker wasn’t there, I would probably forgo regular car maintenance until something went terribly wrong.  And no one wants to get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with help far far away.

Your vehicle is one thing to maintain, but what about you?  What do you do to “rotate your tires?”  I am thankful that 2012 has turned out to be one of exciting opportunities for both myself and for those around me.  I see the activity bubbling up all over the place, and while it is welcomed with open arms, the exhaustion of handling it all effectively is beginning to set in.  So, here we are just over mid-way through the year, and have you taken a breath to recharge?

I recently had coffee with a good friend of mine who is considering participating in a new program that would take her away from her business one day each month.  This new program may or may not enhance her business, but it definitely will enhance her scope of how she contributes to her community.  I encouraged her to do it, and not worry about the missed day of work because this would provide her with an outlet for recharging.  Engaging in activities that may not seem to fit in to your repertoire of productive “work” will actually allow your brain and body to gain new focus and momentum to push forward with new gusto.

I am a fan of the arts.  I love museums, theatre, musicals, movies, live acts – you name it.  Unfortunately, activities like this take time and money.  When I get the opportunity to engage in the arts, I am blown away.  My brain gets a reboot, my soul is fulfilled, and I get a new memory to revisit each time I need a quick pick me up.  I have made it a priority to engage in an arts performance at least a handful of times a year.  I look for free concerts, discounted plays, and exhibitions that are intermingled with business meetings.  It’s a great way to get a little slice of culture, not to mention a great conversation starter, and breathe deeply.  Ahhhh.  Recharge accomplished.

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