All About the Numbers

Have you ever noticed that we measure things in numbers?  We determine our success by the value of our paychecks, we count to 10 when trying to calm down, and we seek out the “9 most important things” to do ….

Milestones are important to work towards and achieve.  Numbers have a way of providing a starting point and a level of achievement.  For those of us who like to track things, like how many push ups you can do in one minute, the number counts big time.  If numbers didn’t exist, how would you track your success?

In a recent article titled “10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home” on (see, there we go with the numbers again!) the advice given in this article had nothing to do with numbers.  It spoke more on the importance of creating a warm, comforting environment that makes you take a deep breath and just feel good for one minute or forever.  Creating an environment where you feel at peace, makes the numbers fade away.  Our accomplishments can be measured in memories and feelings, it just takes a bit of refocusing.  So, take a look around your space today, whether it be at home or work, and see where you can move away from the number counting and into a progressive, comforting and stimulating setting.

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