Writers Time Crunch

My latest blog post comes just over a month from my last post, and although I hate to go so long between posts I do have an excellent excuse.  I am excited to officially announce that I am writing a book!  It has been a dream of mine to put pen to paper (or keyboard clicks to a document) to complete a published work.  So my extra free time has been dedicated to book writing and not blog writing as of late.

I have found as a writer that sometimes ideas for posts, chapters and stories in general do not always surface in the time frame you need them to.  I have found myself jotting down notes in the car, using the voice recorder on my phone, and emailing myself ideas so they don’t fly away as fast as they popped into my head.  If you are also writing a book, I’d love to hear about your writing experiences.

I began my book earlier this year, and being brand spanking new to the publishing world, I embarked on some research.  Getting published is no easy task, as there are hundreds of entities to choose from.  The process has been a big learning curve, and I have been bombarded with an overload of information on the resources that are available to me.  I hope that when this process is all complete, I’ll be able to share with you my newest creation.  I appreciate your time to read my blog, and look forward to your feedback along the way.

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  1. Congrats Kirsten! Can’t wait to read the book! Let me know if you need a proof-reader or anything – I’d be happy to volunteer!

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