I Am Not a Golfer

Sneak peek from Golfing In Heels…

On my quest to discover why I and others are not golfers, I have been amused by the responses I have received.  Most women respond to me with a deer in the headlights look, and stammer out their answer with something like “oh, I don’t do that sort of thing.”  When I follow this up with “what sort of thing?” I get a “you know, that golf sort of thing.”

So what in the world is this “golf sort of thing?”  I’ll tell you it’s not some big secret.  It’s not scary.  It won’t hurt.  It’s not bad for you, and if you give it a try, you may want to come back for more.

Women have the tendency to tell you everything they are not.  They are not handy, athletic, good with power tools, or able to lift large objects.  What I’ve witnessed is that women are stronger than steel, have the endurance of a tri-athlete, and the perseverance to stick it out until it’s done right.  They will kick-ass and then melt softly into the background so others can take the glory.

If you think about the activities you were engaged in growing up, did any of them include golf?  I am probably an anomaly, but even with my early introduction to the game of golf, I still don’t consider myself in the golfer category.  What I want to know is: why aren’t we taking out our daughters / grand-daughters / nieces / little sisters out to the course?  Golf is definitely not a contact sport (well, that is if you don’t hit anyone with your wayward ball) and doesn’t require padding, a helmet or special shoes (for the most part).  I don’t even consider the game to be even all that masculine.  Sure, it’s a sport, and the more athletic you are, the greater your potential is for fine tuning your strokes, distance and more.  There also is nothing in the rule book that recommends an appropriate age to begin, or for that matter, an age to stop

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