The Finish Line is in Sight

For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that I am writing a book.  This process has not only been a creative outlet for me, but an amazing learning process of how to get a book published.  I am excited to say that the finish line is in sight!  I have submitted my final proof to the publisher, and ordered a hard copy to give a final glance before Golfing in Heels goes live on

Book writing and publishing has proved to be a marathon, and not a walk in the park.  Just like any new task, the arduous process of researching how to do something takes time.  When a task seems daunting to you, how do you go about getting started, and more importantly, what pushes you to cross the finish line?

Getting started is the easy part.  In fact, all of us have started many many projects, only to have them collect dust on the shelves of our homes and our minds.  Last fall, as I was writing my book, I was contacted by several self publishing companies almost weekly to check on the progress of my book.  I had signed no contracts, nor made any obligations to any of these companies, but they hounded me hard.  I appreciated their enthusiasm about my work, but actually felt a bit under the gun to get my part finished.

When I finished writing, I was treated to some good feedback from others about my writing pace.  “You wrote a book in less than a year?” many of my friends said.  I thought one year was an eternity in the book writing world, but maybe not.  With working full time, my husband working full time, and having two active kids, writing is a hobby for me and I try to squeeze in as much of it as my lifestyle allows.

So, as you consider getting started on a new project, don’t sweat your pace.  If you do find that you tend to start more things than you finish, take a little time to think about how you want the outcome to look, and how others can help you in your process.

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