Is Business Coming Your Way?

We can’t always dictate how business comes to us.  If you own your own business, or are in any kind of sales role (and that means a lot of us!), asking for the business is one of the main elements of your day/ week / year.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if business came to us in exactly the same way we requested it?

Sales outreach efforts come in a variety of ways.  It may be through:

  1. Cold calling – or asking directly for the business.  This can come in the form of a variety of communications channels, but most likely it happens over the phone or in person.  You get an immediate response, even if that response is a “no.”
  2. Referrals – this type of business is where you’d like your business to come from.  Past and current clients giving your name to another business owner to reach out to you is golden.  
  3. Indirect Marketing channels – this can come in the form of email blasts, blog posts, direct mail pieces, or social media campaigns.  You are trying to encourage a response, but are not immediately in front of your target customer so the response may be missed, skipped over or not at the top of their mind.
  4. Brand awareness – this style of sales outreach is also more indirect, but keeps your brand / image / style in front of a wider range of potential customers on a regular basis.  Building a brand can be tricky, and consistent communication and audience growth is key.
  5. Response timing and style – believe it or not, how you respond to questions, inquiries and all around conversations about your community and industry will set you apart in your business.  Customers want to connect with people who are a resource, and that can respond quickly.

With each of these strategies, it is also important to remember how your target customer likes to be communicated with.  You may leave a voicemail, and they respond with an email.  Others may only want to talk to you on the phone or in person.  Navigating the communication process to attract and retain your ideal customer will help keep business coming your way.

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