How Do You Meet Your Clients?

Welcome to 2022!  As we kick off all kinds of new goals, initiatives and strategies, the one question hat exists for all of us is how we engage with our clients. The past couple of years has most likely changed the way you communicate, but also how your clients like to communicate with you.  What may have worked for you in the past (things like: networking coffees and lunches) may not work today.  I do remember the days when email was a brand new technology, and smart phones didn’t exist.  However much I yearn for those simpler times, our abilities to engage with our clients and potential clients has expanded exponentially. Believe it or not, it is much easier to get in front of your customer base that is ever has before.  Here are some ways to help you stay front and center with those you want to do business with.

  • Social Media – if you are not engaged with at least one social media platform, I encourage you to sign up now.  It is a free medium to not only gather valuable information about your industry, competitors and market in general, but it is a platform for you to share all the great things that make you shine.  
  • Exclusive Events – who doesn’t like to feel special? This doesn’t mean you have to plan a big catered event and spend a lot of money.  What it does mean is create an “exclusive” experience for your client.  What do they love to do, and how do they like to spend their time outside of work?  
  • Referrals for Them – how can you refer business for your client?  Who can you connect and make an introduction that will enhance your client’s business and your market share with them?
  • Consistency – the frequency of your interactions helps to keep you and your company at the top of anyone’s mind.  This can be done through: email, phone calls, texts, face to face meetings, sharing educational resources, social media, invitations to special events, and more.

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