Kick It

Track stars put together a strategy that gives them a competitive pace throughout most of the race.  The best athletes save just a little bit more to “kick it” right at the end for the win.  They push themselves almost to their maximum, but know when to summon up that extra bit of juice to go all the way.

This past week has been an incredible burst of energy for not only me, but for friends and family as well.  I was grateful to share in the joys of many a win: through baseball champions, longest bike ride ever, and even a high bowling score from a non-bowler.  These may be all sports related, but they all proved something to the people who “kicked it” to gain that success.  The baseball champs had created a synergy, positive mental attitude, and remarkable enthusiasm for supporting each other even through the down times.  My friend who rode longest distance on her bike?  She had worked up to this, but surprised herself for her ability to accomplish this feat in a greater way that she even imagined.

Knowing when to go for it, and when to hold back just a little is sometimes a difficult thing to master.  You’ll need to practice your ability to “kick it” and see how your body and your mind react.  Your timing may need some adjustment, or perhaps your mental attitude.  Fine tuning how you can pull forth that little bit extra can provide you with the momentum to exceed your goals.

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