Your Top 10

The Olympics have begun!  Every four years, I am amazed at the talent, strength and stamina that athletes give to these games.  Ranging in age from their teens to middle age, Olympians are focused  on one thing: their top performance.  They train daily for hours, they eat a regimented diet, and work on their mental preparation before giving it their all.

One of the events that amazes me the most is the Decathlon.  This event is a series of ten different events that include: running, jumping and throwing.  Several Olympians have achieved the coveted Gold Medal in the Decathlon, and have therefore deemed the title “The World’s Greatest Athlete.”  To achieve this level, an athlete must be good, okay exceptional, at these ten physical feats.

If you had to compete and use ten of your greatest strengths, what would they be?  Would they be physical, communicative, mental, or?  Every single person has a talent, but do you nurture that talent on a regular basis?  Like an Olympic athlete, we must exercise our talents to make them shine.  Dedicating time to practice and grow our talents is essential, and for most of us, can be worked into our everyday lives.  If you are an eloquent writer, start a blog.  If cooking masterpieces is your thing, set a date for a dinner party and create a menu that is out of this world.  Our talents can be shared with others to provide mutual benefit, and by doing so you create an environment of the “World’s Greatest (insert talent here).”

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