A Day to Celebrate

I have had the fortune to become friends with someone pretty special.  We met about twelve years ago, and through the years, our lives have changed dramatically.  We both became mothers, our careers have grown, and just this year we became business partners.

Today is a special day for her, as it is her birthday.  If you have developed a friendship with someone like this, then you will appreciate what a rare find this is in life.  The qualities that I admire about her are endless, but the best thing she brings to me is her ability to push me in directions that help me grow.

Allison Moore – you are a genuine, compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, hard working, giving, inspiring, loving gal that gets up at the crack of dawn to work out so you can give your best self to others.  You married your soul mate, and together are raising some pretty amazing kids.  You continue to look more beautiful with each passing year, and can not only rock a pair of four inch stilettos, but light up a room with your smile.

Today I celebrate you, dear friend, and hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!

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