Take Advantage of the Unexpected

Country singer Brad Paisley sings about writing a letter to his seventeen year old self in his song “Letter to Me.” In one verse, he gives his younger self the advice of “filling up the tank” of his car before a date, but then changes his mind when remembering how “that turned out” fun.

When have you been put in a situation that wasn’t planned? An unexpected layover, car stuck in traffic, meeting cancelled? What do you do with your sudden “free time?”

My daughter started taking piano lessons once a week for 30 minutes. This time frame doesn’t allow for me to just drop her off and head home during her lesson. So, I have discovered that I have 30 minutes of unexpected free time each week. The first week, I didn’t quite know what to expect. As she went into the lesson, I was left by myself in the hall with nothing to do. Then, something wonderful happened.

With the piano lessons taking place in the music department of a small university, I was treated to an amazing choral performance. Now, it was only a rehearsal, and no one even knew I was there listening, but it turned out to be a most enjoyable experience.

Each week I now look forward to hearing the beautiful music of voice and instruments as my little girl learns a little more about making music of her own. Something completely unexpected.

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